Circle of Hope: Is There More?
Posted by: Stacey DiCerbo on Jan 26, 2011 in news

I haven’t written “is there more?” in a while.  It’s always quite an adventure to find “more” and when I find “it,” I feel compelled to write.  I would like to share a story with you about the Circle of HOPE and an evening of Having Only Positive Energy.

I had the opportunity to share in the Circle of Hope support group here at CNY Fertility Center in Latham, NY.  I always take away more than I can ever give.  I almost feel guilty that what is shared amongst the group is such a benefit to me.  Tonight was a special night.  Six of the participants, seven including myself, shared a common challenge: miscarriage. The evening began with the discussion of facing fear.  We visualized our challenge of miscarriage.  Some were facing it for the first time. Some had to be faced with it once again.  We invited fear to come before us.  Fear came with anger, fear came with tears.  We looked fear right in the eye and then, just as it came, positive energy filled the room as each person who shared their journey was asked to complete their story with encouragement and optimism.  Fear left the room.  Positivity was now with us.  Tears cleansed our souls.

The book Everyday Positive Thinking by Louise Hay was showcased and some of the quotes in the book were shared.  Negative can be turned into positive if we only look beyond what is in front of us.  “Remove the obstacles and untangle the clutter that’s standing between you and the productive, fulfilling life that you crave.” (Julie Morgenstern p. 93)  Quietly we asked the universe for what we want; we will stop trying and focus our energies on doing.  We visualized our journeys like a tree taking root.  Though there may be many twists and turns and forks in our path, eventually the tree does take hold, nurtures, and grows.

Michelle shared a beautiful story of her journey.  Initially she wondered when “this” would end.  Just like the tree, roots do not end and neither will our journeys.  They continue to grow.  At the end of our evening, Michelle shared that she felt this was not an end but a beginning for her.  Is it any wonder the gift I receive from our clients? There is always more.

Thank you to a wonderful Circle of Hope support group, that I had the privilege and the pleasure of joining.

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