Checking for Diastasis Recti After the Birth of Your Baby
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Hello Friends of CNY!  I teach Prenatal, Postnatal (Parent and Baby) Hatha and Restorative yoga classes at CNY Healing Arts in Rochester.  I have one 19 month old and another one on the way (due next month).  I’ve been teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga for many years and just wanted to offer some information regarding one of the common questions I hear regarding abdominal muscles and the postpartum body!  Enjoy-

One frequent request I hear from Mom’s in the “Baby and Me” yoga class on Saturday’s from 9-10:00am is:
Abs, my stomach, Abbbbbbsssssss please, make the pregnancy pillow go away!”  Before you start any abdominal work at home it is wise to chat with your health care provider or come to a “Baby and Me” Yoga class with me (Baby and Me yoga is on Saturday’s from 9-10am!) so you can check for Diastasis recti. It is important to learn safe and effective exercises that are specific to your postnatal body!  It is equally important to take Prenatal Yoga during your pregnancy to learn safe exercise methods for activating your core muscles! After the birth, you will want and need to take it easy if you have a large separation between the two recti abdominal muscles.  If you do, there may have been a tearing of the muscles away from the linea alba so specific exercises are needed.  Tearing is more likely to occur in women with very tight abdominal muscles.

How to check for Diastasis recti:

-To check for diastisis recti following birth, lay in a supine position with your feet on the floor and your knees bent.  Exhale and start to curl your chin to your chest and lift your shoulders about 1 inch off the ground.  Palpate your linea alba (about an inch above your belly button at midline).  The width and depth of the space between the two recti muscles indicates whether there has been a tearing of them muscles away from the linea alba.  This can be caused from the rapid growing and stretching of your body during pregnancy.  If the width is two or more finger-widths wide than you will need special exercises to help the area heal.  I highly recommend you come to my class to learn safe and effective exercises to help this area heal.

It is recommended that you wait about 6 weeks postpartum before attending yoga.  Knowing and understanding the state of your body can help make your path to recovery appropriate and safe.  “Baby and Me” yoga is every Saturday from 9:00-10:00am at CNY Rochester.


Christa Tyson, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Instructor and Birth Doula
CNY Healing Arts- Rochester NY


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  1. Fran on Thu, 12th Aug 2010 2:03 am 

    This is for the Albany location.
    Would you consider a day time Yoga? Even if it is a Saturday morning like some of you other locations. It would would best for my schedule and perhaps there is other Moms out there who are looking for it too.

    Fran Fusco #857-9753

  2. admin on Thu, 12th Aug 2010 10:14 am 

    Hi Fran,
    I’ll submit your question to the Latham Office Manager. Thanks for sharing and I would encourage you to join one of the yoga classes that are currently being offered during the morning if you wish to take a day time class. If you are pregnant just notify the instructor so she is aware of any poses she should modify for your particular situation.

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