CNY Healing Arts Center, Outside DeckThe staff at CNY Healing Arts Center on East Avenue in Rochester, NY, anticipated the echoing laughter that was about to ensue at Girls Night Out on May 22nd, as women of all ages filed onto the large deck, extending off the back of the building. Jen Moore, CNY’s certified Hoopdance Instructor, kept her intro speech short, as the ladies anxiously waited to get their hands on the vibrant, shiny hula hoops, hand crafted and custom-made by none other than Moore’s husband.

The recent explosion of hula hooping across the nation has baffled many who still think of it as a 50’s pastime. However, after the first five minutes of Moore’s Hoopdance class, any doubt about the benefits of Hoopdance that previously lingered in these women’s minds was completely erased. Not only did the ladies begin to sweat a little from the full-body cardio workout that they experienced, but laughter rang through the air as they giggled together, and at themselves.

The benefits of Hoopdance are far-reaching. Moore taught the ladies different methods of dancing, so that they could work on toning specific areas of their bodies, including the waistline, glutes, arms and thighs. She explained that Hoopdance not only strengthens your core and other muscles, but it increases flexibility. The different positions used in Hoopdance challenge your standard range of motion, expanding it with each session. Hoopdance also enhances cardiovascular health, keeping your heart pumping with constant motion, whether fast-paced or steady and slow. Last but not least, all of the flexing during Hoopdance releases toxins from your body in the same way that yoga does, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

On Moore’s personal journey to health and happiness, she has lost over 100 pounds through a combination of Hoopdance and leading a healthy lifestyle. She now teaches Hoopdance classes every Tuesday night from 6PM to 7PM at CNY Healing Arts Center at 2244 East Avenue in Rochester, New York.

Jessie Briel
CNY Healing Arts Center, Rochester, NY