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Eastern Influence on Foods and Herbs

Chinese Food Therapy - CNY Healing Arts

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep…

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  • Posted: January 1, 2013

Eastern Medicine and Treatments


Dr. Robert Kiltz, owner and director of CNY Fertility Centers and CNY Healing Arts Centers, is committed to…

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  • Posted: October 15, 2012

Syracuse: Workshops and Retreat in October

yoga classes and workshops at CNY Healing Arts Center

Temperatures are lowering, the leaves are changing and Autumn is here. Make some time to get outside and…

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  • Posted: September 29, 2012

Albany July 2012 Workshops & Events


Nutrition Workshop Thursday, July 12th, 7:00-8:00pm Join Rebecca Rice, Licensed Acupuncturist, for an evening guiding you on how…

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  • Posted: July 1, 2012

Fitness Sessions Starting in January at Syracuse CNY Healing Arts

Fitness Sessions & Free Demos at CNY Healing Arts Center! We are so excited to announce that we…

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  • Posted: January 2, 2012

Your Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

CNY Healing Arts is pleased to share the information below that was provided to us by March of…

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  • Posted: December 26, 2011

Smart Label Reading

Eating right can be challenging.  One way to make healthy eating easier is to be a label reader. …

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  • Posted: September 22, 2010

Don't Forget Lunch

Everyone knows the saying about breakfast… it’s the most important meal of the day.  It “breaks the fast”…

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  • Posted: August 10, 2010

Good News for Chocolate Lovers!

Here is some good news that you can use.  Recent studies have found that dark chocolate is actually…

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  • Posted: July 17, 2010

Nutrition and Fertility

For most women who are trying to become pregnant, the journey isn’t always easy.  While age and hormones…

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  • Posted: July 9, 2010